This policy is due to be updated in July 2022 as we are currently undergoing a Sustainability Audit.



We recently partnered with SUEZ Recycling and Recovery to manage all of our waste sustainably.

We are currently exploring options of replacing our onsite boilers with more economically efficient boilers. All our electric comes from sustainable sources.

We recognise that one of the biggest impacts we can have on the environment is through our vital outdoor education. Working with thousands of young people each year, our instructors take groups into the great outdoors and help them to connect with nature. By gaining an appreciation for nature, we encourage individuals, groups, and families to do more to support sustainability.

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We provide minibus transport for groups with modern minibuses. We are constantly working to improve our onsite provision to reduce the amount of transport we need to provide. 

We are currently working on the implementation of electric car chargers in our car park. We encourage customers to use public transport and are pleased to welcome many cyclists to our site.

We are currently undergoing tree planting and rewilding across our whole site.


Since October 2021, we have planted thousands of new trees and hedgerows.