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The ultimate personal challenge; step out of your comfort zone to receive a thrilling mix of emotions - and afterwards, an uncontrollable urge to do it all again. 

Our outdoor covered rifle range is nestled in the woods. Develop your skill level through games, challenges and fun targets to help improve your shot accuracy and consistency.


Our floodlit archery range allows for a great introduction to traditional archery. Archery requires patience, concentration and a good sense of humour. 

Archery Active

Our very own activity, a combination of paintballing, archery and dodgeball. Our brand new floodlit range has an apocalyptic feel; perfect for all groups. 

Assault course

Our assault course is based at our watersports site. A series of assault-course, army style challenges are focused on team building, personal challenges, and good fun in the mud and water!


Axe throwing is one of the coolest new sports out there!  It's all about technique over strength and is the perfect activity for having a laugh and letting off a bit of steam.


With 200 acres of ancient woodland our site has plenty of clearings to learn the ultimate bushcraft and survival skill sessions. Shelters, fires, knifework, flora and fauna, the possibilities are endless. 


Our large open canoes can be used by one, two, or three people. Originally used by North Americans, they were designed for exploring and hunting. Nowadays, canoeing is a test of skill, balance, communication and teamwork.


The Mendip Hills are famous for their huge network of caves. Sandford Levy is a cave right onsite at our activity centre, perfect for a gentle introduction to caving. Or, meet us in Burrington Combe and we’ll take you on a more sporting trip crawling, squeezing, climbing and exploring underground!


Our very own limestone quarry, Sandford quarry, is the perfect epic location to learn the art of climbing. Climbing is possibly our biggest confidence-boosting activity and nothing quite beats the buzz of conquering an epic rock face!  Ask us about our transportable artificial climbing tower.

Our portable artificial climbing tower is a great way to try climbing. We can set it up at our site or bring it to your school or venue!

Harvest Home Festival-1050.jpg
Crate stack

Our roped crate stack challenge is set in the heart of the woods. A perfect team activity that requires design, planning and execution. What height can the team achieve?

Evening Activities include night lines, night hikes, discos, wide games, team games and camp fires.

A wide game is a whole camp challenge with teams compete to win an objective. The game is played in a large area, such as a field, or woodland. Common games include capture the flag and team variants of tag, or strategy games like Gold Rush.

Team games are normally short games where team compete against each other. Games are normally quick and include grab ball, giants wizards and dwarfs and splat. Team challenges could in include other indoor and outdoor initiative challenges such as cane lower, ravine crossing, human knot, paper tower, red and white.


A simple, straightforward and competitive sport. Similar to golf but with specially made frisbee discs thrown towards metal baskets designed to catch it. The aim is to throw it in as few throws as possible.


This can either be run as a self-led activity following a comprehensive briefing from our team; or, book an instructor-led session where the focus will be on skill development and games.


Learn how to read a map, use a compass and even plan a mini expedition.


Using the Mendip Hills as our base, our team will help your group achieve their goals. Undertaking an expedition is an unforgettable experience and that feeling of relocating on a map is like no other.


Our private section of the River Yeo based at Hewish is a great place to learn to kayak. Kayaks are individual boats and you use a paddle with two blades. Our friendly, qualified instructors will use fun, mini-games and challenges to build skills and learn the next kayaking strokes, whilst exploring a stunning nature spot. 

Low ropes

Nestled in our woodland, our natural low ropes course features a personal challenge course and several team challenges. Never any more than 50cms off the ground, the low ropes course is about independence, problem-solving and co-operation as students wind their way around nets, wires, woobly planks and more!

Misson Impossible

Work together, communicate, plan, adapt, think and overcome!

Perfect for older children or an adult group looking for a team-building or team-bonding activity. 

Teams will complete missions set around our woodland. Every mission has been designed to put your teams communication, ingenuity, delegation, team work and decisiveness to the test.


Our team will teach your group the fundamentals of orienteering.  They'll start with games and exercises before heading off into the woodland to complete either a linear or star course.

Orienteering is great for independence, team work and fitness.  Great for improving geography and navigation skills, plus students love the competitive element of orienteering, often likening it to a treasure hunt.


This is a creative activity; use your ingenuity to turn a pile of poles, rope and barrels into a raft to keep you and your crew afloat! Race your raft and complete the challenges before using your raft as a floating platform for jumping off.

Air r

Skiing is the sport for adrenaline seekers, nature lovers and travellers. You can learn to ski on our dry ski slope and then take your newly learned skills all over the world. Whether you want to gently take in the views, race down the slope or constantly challenge yourself, skiing is for you.


With a board strapped to two feet, snowboarding has roots in surfing and skateboarding. Racing down the slope, feeling free and jumping through the air, everyone should try snowboarding at least once!


Start off with kneeling down and then before you know it you'll be an expert standing, jumping and playing around on your large inflated paddle board. Awesome fun!

Team buildng

Our instructors can run fun team building anywhere, including on our pre-built apparatus at the activity centre. We’ll work to achieve specific learning goals and facilitate personal, team and leadership development by using the outdoors and problem-solving initiative exercises.


Our flood-lit, outdoor toboggan slope is great fun all year round, whatever the weather. Aimed at children between 4 and 12, exclusive sessions mean adults can take part and enjoy the thrill of rushing down the slope on their own Zibob toboggan. 

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