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Make the most of your school ski trip

School ski trips are the first time that many go skiing. Careful planning for this trip is really important - for both teachers and parents - to ensure the trip is a highlight of the school year.

Here are some useful tips our team has put together:

Learn before you go

Tents and campervans are welcome on our green and large campsite in the Mendip Hills.

Put your students through a learn-to-ski course before they go! Artificial snowsport slopes, like our 250-metre slope at Mendip Activity Centre are perfect for learning.

We have an impressive history of teaching children and adults to ski before they head to the mountains, so you can trust us to deliver. Allow plenty of time to do this and don't cram it all into one day. Teachers, we are happy to help you arrange a pre-trip Ski School for your students to allow you to assess their abilities and split them into appropriate groups.

Parents, our popular and good-value learn-to-ski and learn-to-snowboard packages are a great way to give your children a confidence booster and learn in a friendly environment.

Find out more here.

Start packing early

Children will love this wild play area with a sandpit, canoes and rocks for scrambling.

You don't need to buy loads of brand new and expensive equipment and clothing.

Charity shops often stock great-value salopettes and jackets, friends and family may have equipment you can borrow and retailers will stock a selection of good value gear (Mendip stocks ski helmets, ski socks, and goggles).

Look carefully to see what's included in the package. Ski boots and skis are almost certain to be included but a ski helmet might not be. Some easily forgotten items include multiple pairs of ski socks, goggles, sunglasses, sun cream (very important at altitude), spare base layers and thermals.

We offer free live music in Somerset with acoustic artists, bands, guitars and singers.

Combine with other activities

Make sure the ski trip is as memorable as possible! Teachers, make sure your organiser has included some other activities such as ice skating, tobogganing, a quiz or watching ski racing. Factor in plenty of time for rest as well!

Be physically prepared

Skiing can be physically demanding and your children will spend a lot of time on their feet. As well as learning to ski, some basic preparation in advance of your trip in PE classes or at home is extremely worthwhile. YouTube is home to some brilliant ski fitness videos.

We hope that parents, teachers and students can all enjoy the process of preparing for the trip and that it will all be worthwhile in the end. What other tips do you have?


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