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Nature Trail 18

Bug Hotel

Creating spaces that give a home to insects is something everyone can do, wherever you live! This bug hotel is super-sized, with lots of layers and different materials to provide a range of habitats and suitability for as many different arthropods and gastropods as possible!
If you only have a small space or even just a windowsill you can stuff a small pot with straw or twigs and give a little extra space for the insects and arachnids.

Arthropods, which translates as ‘jointed leg’, are all the animals that we see that have a hard external skeleton and jointed bodies, this includes insects, spiders, centipedes and millipedes. Gastropod means single foot, which is slugs and snails. Both these groups of animals are sadly overlooked for their importance to all our ecosystems. The arthropods are the most important group of animals for pollination, and so are essential for the healthy growth of our food crops.

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